Look of the day: Getting by one step at a time

Hello beautiful people, the weekend seriously should slow down, Thursday comes then it fast forwards super quickly. Oh well, hope you all had a fabulous weekend with friends and family! Ours was filled with weddings and fabric window shopping -since one of us is working on her final project, how exciting-

Here is a sneak peek of some of the outfits we have been donning throughout the week!

[Amal's outfit: Zara top & pants; Heels purchased from Spain; Hermes clear Kelly bag]

[Maha's outfit: H&M top; River Island jeans; Prive necklace; H&M bangles; Hermes Birkin; F21 heels]

Have a great week, stay positive ..

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: To light the night, to help us grow, to help us grow, it is not said, I always know, You can catch me Don't you run, don't you run, if you live another day, in this happy little house, the fire's here to stay

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4 Responses to “Look of the day: Getting by one step at a time”

Mai said...

Loooooove the top in the 2nd pic!!

Alla said...

WOOOOW Beautiful style both of you girls!!!

Alizey and Saanieh Mirza said...

Absolutely adore your hermes bags - We were planning on getting the clear one too <3

Maha & Amal said...

@Mai & Alla: Thank you ladies! <3 <3

@Alizey&Saanieh Mirza: Thank you lovlies, we once saw the clear bag in Tojourschic! check em out! they may still have some. Its worth every penny! <3 xxx

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