A day in my shoes: Asma Saif

Another exciting post for us this month! We are so happy that we are going to end February with a segment dear to our hearts, the stylish Banking & Finance student 'Asma Saif' sent us pictures all the way from the UK to be featured on our blogs 'day in my shoes'. Thank you Asma!

[Outfit: river island top; Zara jacket; H&M stocking and skirt; Prada shoes; Fendi bag]
 [Zara fur vest; H&M shirt; Prada shoes; Primark skirt]

[Zara pants, jacket and boots; H&M shirt]

[Zara jumper; River Island belt; Forever 21 pants and hat; Topshop shoes]


Name: Asma Saif 
Age: Twenty One
Occupation: Banking & Finance Student

Describe your style in 3 words.
My style is effortless, bold and unique with a splash of funk!

What is the one to-go fashion piece that completes your overall look?
I am obsessing over statement piece necklaces that screams character.

Who is your style icon?
My sister, she has a style like no other, its always effortless and trendy. Olivia Palermo - is another icon, I am crushing over the way she puts her pieces together, always chic in every magazine picture. 

What designer or retail store reflects your personal style?
Top Shop, River Island, Zara and H&M.

What are your current favorite trends?
The dressing like your boyfriend style is something i have been sporting a lot lately, Been donning bow ties & BF jeans and blazers, gives you an edge yet still keeping a hint of femininity intact. 

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Maha & Amal

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3 Responses to “A day in my shoes: Asma Saif”

Latifah Al Muraikhi said...

love her style it's so young and chic !

Anonymous said...

Alaaaaaaaaay Asmaaaaaa ur style is amazinz.. i love it <3

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Style and Beautiful Girl

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