Bridal shower Fiesta

Last week, the countdown to one of our closest friends began and as we counted the days until her wedding 'it was yesterday by the way and it was tearful!' the pre-wedding celebration also started. We kicked it off with a bridal shower!

The black and red decorated house was full of positive energy, all of the guests brought along with them the happy spirit and we danced throughout the night with the beaming bride 'The DJ was pumping!'. Congrats to the lovely couple! May their future journey be filled with joy and umm shall we say ... babies?!

We got to admit, the cake was pretty fab, the design was just sultry and the yummy in our tummy was just an added bonus! What do you guys think?!

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: From Paris to Berlin and every disco I get in, my heart is pumping for love, pumping for love, Cause when I'm thinking of you and all the things we could do, my heart is pumping for love, you left me longing for you

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4 Responses to “Bridal shower Fiesta”

PrimaDonna said...

Wow, I think you outdid yourself, the theme was played many times, but yours just looks so fresh and original...I'm just curious whats in those gorgeous gift bags? <3

Zahra said...

allah ehaneehum ya rab

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the metallic pleated skirt ! May I ask from where can I find it ?? Pretty PLEASE :(

Maha & Amal said...

@PrimaDonna: Thank u honey, arent the gifts gorg?! their were kisses, bath & body works sanitizers <3

@Zahra: eee inshallah ya rab! allah e5aleehum 7g b39'

@Anonymous: We drooled over the pleated skirt as well! we think we spotted some in H&M's last week! check em out !

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