Monthly inspirations: January

Its a fresh start of a new year and a new January, and a time where the beginning of every month allows us to interpret our views and outtakes on things that inspire us into colorful images to give our readers the glimpse of the creativity going through our minds.

With the approach of a bright new almost sunny season our mood takes another turn away from the dark hues of winter to a new pro found love for softer pastels and energetic shades in rejoice for the coming of spring. We are drawn to the flirty, whimsical feel and are gushing over flowy skirts, dainty blouses and not to mention floral patterns that complete the whole spring look!

What are you all into this month as 2012 starts?

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: If I just breathe, let it fill the space between I'll know everything is alright, Breathe, every little piece of me you'll see everything is alright, If I just breathe.

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