Look of the day: Along came a cold winter breeze

Holla followers! so our sandbox stepped it up this winter don't you think? the cold wind hit us all pretty hard, but hey at least we got the chance to flaunt our winter clothing right -whoot whoot- and get the taste of curling into big woolen jackets with cozy socks and of course HUGE mugs of traditional karak to warm us up.

So we got to admit, the cold wind did not only bring the cold, it also brought out the lazy bums in us -can you blame us?! please say no- we have been tucked under our blankets watching a lot of season 8 project runway -loving Mondo so far- but oh well that was last weeks activities, the past is the past and we are back to full work mode! here are a couple of our outfit snaps during the cold weather.

[Zara Coat; H&M dress & flats; Vintage ring]

[Zara Skirt & Heels; Forever21 top; borrowed belt; Coat bought from a boutique in London; LV bag; Versace x H&M bracelet; Vintage necklace]
Have a blessed and active week beautiful people, we know we are going to stock our calenders with some fruitful and benefiting plans. 

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: You'll sit alone forever, if you wait for the right time, what are you hoping for?, I'm here, I'm now I'm ready, Holding on tight, don't give away the end, The one thing that stays mine

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5 Responses to “Look of the day: Along came a cold winter breeze”

Anonymous said...

Lovely style... I liked every single thing :D

zainab said...

wow gorgeous! I never thought that is a zara coat!!

Alla said...

Very Beautiful =D

Maha & Amal said...

Thank you ladies ! xxxxx

United Colours Of Hejab said...

Love the yellow combined with the animal print! Gorgeous!

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