Our December winter season picks: Overcoats, knits & statement booties!

With our long summer gone and winter officially here, It feels as if this year has been our coldest in our little sandbox. Nothing feels better then getting all coz-ied up tightly and warm, in overcoats & knits! not to mention statement boots to go with it 'there's always a good excuse to wear beautiful boots', yes we said it! overcoats, knits & statement booties! who cares about the thousands of glares people might give you while your walking down the streets. Our advice, absorb it! love it! let it all in, a fashionista deserves the attention from time to time 'no?'

The end of 2011 brought winter joy to our 'always so summery wardrobe', we noticed how these precious little treasures blew its way to our little island and found closets to call its home. Designers did not fail us & nor did high end stores, malls were loaded with beautiful textured items of all colours & patterns such as velvet, sequins, faux fur, leather & wool that made us squeal for more.

Although we are sisters and share the same blog, our style is completely different from one another! Here are each of our favorite winter picks for the season:

[1. Vanessa Bruno color coated; 2. Miss selfridge knitted Aztec; 3. River Island mustard color block coat; 4. Miss selfridge black short quilted jacket; 5.Classic UGG boots; 6. Alejandro Ingelmo suede boots; 7. Unkown lovely boots]

[1. charcoal melange wool fur trimmed Prada coat; 2. Zara faux fur coat; 3. Burberry London silk trench; 4. H&Ms coat; 5. Miu Miu shoes; 6. Jimmy Choo tan snakeskin booties; 7. Brian Atwood ostrich feather boots; 8. Christian Louboutin python booties; 9. Charlotte Olympia boots]

Enjoy this winter while you can beautiful people! remember: dress up, glam up! there is never an excuse to be under-dressed! 

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: You and your charm creep closer, closer in here, like a fool for fire I fall, with my pride and all. Like a bomb before explosion, ticking by your call. You're the wiser one, disguised from greed, and I'm just a child who belongs on her knees.

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3 Responses to “Our December winter season picks: Overcoats, knits & statement booties!”

2broads1city said...

Maha's #4 H&M coat AMAZING, I want it! :p

Maha & Amal said...

It definitely is a wardrobe must have, right!! <3<3!

What I Like said...

I like venssa bruno's coat....nice color ;)

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