Look of the day: Hello winter, its about time you knocked on our doors

Just another day in our sandbox! or should we call it a Popsicle box from now on?! its getting really cold nowadays, its hard leaving home without throwing on our warm cardigans and sweaters. To be honest, winter is such an awesome excuse to layer things all over and an excuse to wear our over sized jackets without looking all frumpy in public. -Don't you all agree?- 

We are hoping this week would end with a buzz, we are so overly excited for the long weekend we are gonna be having! loving all the holidays! keep em comin'!

On a happy note, finally an outfit post, a warm up to winter! Enjoy the week and plan well for your holidays, don't forget to stock up on all the reds for National day!

[Amal: H&Ms sweater; Zara pants; Zara flats; Christian Dior handbag]

[Maha: massimo dutti jeans; F21 cardigan; Zara heels; H&Ms scarf; Coach enamel bracelet; Hermes bracelets; F21 warrior ring]

Maha & Amal

Song of the day:  In a goose bump infested embrace, with my over anxious hands cupping your cherub face

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