A glimpse of our December: Festive season has come & gone

What an eventful month December has been, full of festive holidays. As the year ends, we could not help it, we had to post pictures of some of our rendezvous. It passed by quickly right? It was just yesterday that we celebrated national day with a family feast and drives around the Kingdom with our little ones to see the the bright lights and flags in support of our beloved country, along came Christmas that included a big turkey dinner with our first giveaway winner reveal. Now whats left is celebrating New Years eve, we are spending it with our loved ones. Our mother called the caterers and we are having close family over to not only celebrate the coming year, but to also get jiggy with it to celebrate our baby cousin turning 8! 'a double event indeed, how exciting!'

The breezy weather finally allowed us to abuse our beautiful garden for some outdoors-y home made breakfast.

Found this yummy treat during a visit to one roastery in Riffa, patriotic indeed!  

Could you believe it, Toffee nut latte out of stock already? they usually last until new years! they replaced this lovely treat with a new beverage called 'Winter Spice latte' ...

 What are your plans for the New Years?! have you worked on your New Years resolutions yet?!

stay warm and stylish readers and have a happy weekend!

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: Where did all the people go? They got scared when the lights went low. I get you, through it nice and slow, when the world's spinning out of control 

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