Fashion highlight: Chanel's latest Paris-Bombay collection

Karl Lagerfeld took our breaths away once again designing Chanel's latest Paris-Bombay collection, sharing with us his idea of India through his vision, an exquisite blend of Indian traditions with a touch of Paris's Haute couture all served to the eyes in a marvelous feast that took place at the Grand Palais in Paris.

The show visualized such an opulence and luxury spirit that screams Chanel, the whole atmosphere was enriching not only in the fashion, but in its setting, ambiance and guests! Heavy chandeliers, extravagant candelabras and delicious fine servings added to the flawless night!

The Paris-Bombay evening sent lavishing pieces past the dinner tables that kept us all in awe, all attention on the jewellery and details that were created with such careful craftsmanship, not to mention all the rich embroidered fabrics! the brocaded silks and pearled tweeds that carried every bit of both Indian and Parisian elements.

[The elaborated details]

[The evening's setting at the Grand Palais]

Here's a video we thought of sharing with you all, its such an amazing glimpse of how all the Chanel work, embroideries and embellishments was done for this collection at the atelier:


Maha & Amal

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[Photos from: Vogue; Harper Bazaar]

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2 Responses to “Fashion highlight: Chanel's latest Paris-Bombay collection”

Al Deemah said...

LUV THE PEARLS!! I want ><

Maha & Amal said...

Aren't they amazing?! we want them too <3

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