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Hey lovelies! For today's post, we decided on giving you all a little DIY session [do-it-yourself]! We went shopping a few days ago and spotted gorgeous tassel earrings in different boutiques that we obviously couldn't resist ourselves and had to get! but anyways, we were very intrigued by the design and thought since chunky earrings are back in fashion and walking the runways, This seemed like a challenging yet very interesting design that we thought was a must try and create one of our own from scratch! 

Read more for the steps..

A dose of Tassel inspiration:

Here's what you'll need to get you started:

[1. A pair of scissors; 2. A set of two tassels; 3. Small Sworvoski crystals; 4. A set of two Sworvoski crystal balls; 5. Plier; 6. Fine pieces of wires; 7. BeJeweler Pro tool; 8. Glue gun]

[Step one: Start placing the crystals on the top part of the tassel to cover it up by using the BeJeweler Pro tool]

[How it will look like after placing the crystals all over the top area]
[Step two: slide the ball and the fine wire through the tip of the tassel, secure it using the glue gun and create a loop on the top with the wire]
[Step three: Attach another extra fine wire over the loop created and twist to create a curve shape]
[The final outcome]

And now you finally have your glamorous shiny tassel earrings that could add a touch of oomph to your look!  Hope the steps were informative enough, if any of you are confused with a step or so, Feel free to email us or leave your questions on the comment box below!

Maha & Amal

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