Cause maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me and after all, you're my wonderwall

A couple of weeks ago, we attended a Paskistani henna party 'Something fresh & new, no?' alongside with our mother dearest! Now, this occasion was so much fun! the colors of the jalabiyas, the music, the dancing, the liveliness of the guests & the closeness of the family was just utterly refreshing.

We asked about the story behind the 'Henna Party' and were told that this get together is basically a twist on the traditional Pakistani henna party called "Mehindi". It goes like this, the bride enters in a lavish jalabiya surrounded by her close family and friends who then approach her to put small amount of henna and feed her some sweets to offer their blessings and good wishes before having professionals working their henna magic on both her arms & legs!

The venue was decorated with bright lights, guests were given a handful of giveaways such as sweet cones & colorful bangles 'check out our pics below with our handful new belongings', music blasted with the sounds of girls giggling & getting their groove on to hip Pakistani music, now lets not forget the food please! our relatives chose something very Paki-esque for their guests, the traditional Channa Puri and Halwa satisfied our tummies throughout the night!

Mother & Daughter kodak moment, both Jalabiyas were purchased from 'Farasha'

Giveaways and displays at the party

One of the children getting her groove on

Milky sweets passed on to us, oh the Manama Souq childhood memories creeping in right now!

The traditional food served to guests

Caught a glimpse of couture, love the arty YSL ring!

Sister of the bride in a flowy chiffon jalabiya with bling-y bangles

Couldn't resist, ended up with a bundle of bangles by the end of the night

The Bride in her exquisite rich green jalabiya & intricate henna art

The night was just so vibrant wasn't it not?!

Maha & Amal

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2 Responses to “Cause maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me and after all, you're my wonderwall”

Mariam said...

fabulous party ,,, loved it

Maha & Amal said...

thanx huni <3

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