We were born and raised in a summer haze, bound by the suprise of our glory days

Its been a while since we blogged our weekly photos -Yes, we've piled them up =\- two weeks now and all our days ever consisted of was food, food and...some more food! -such a shameful thing to say- but hey! we started walking and exercising, that's a good thing right?

These photos were taken when we went to 'Al Riwaq' for some coffee the other day, it's such a cozy, artistic and comfortable hang out spot in Adliya, once you enter you would be awed with how the walls were filled with art pieces, poetry and lots of doodles! and their vintage furniture were to die for! oh yeah, lets not forget about the food, their CAKES were tres yummy! also, if any of you ever go there, don't forget to check out their toilets, you'd be amused..

So um..yeah, we sort of have a never ending love affair with Chinese food and our one go-to spot for that craving fix is David's Stirfry crazy located in the hidden corners of Riffa, forget the tacky sitting area, the food is a gold mind! Don't forget to try out their crab fritters, the lettuce duck wrap and the dumplings when you pass by. -drool-

YES! SCORE! something we've done that DID NOT involve food what-so-ever! Mani-Pedi session with mother dearest at our regular nail spa 'Tooma' in Riffa, we were blinded by the variety of colors displayed then finally settled on different shades of pinks for the week.

Maha & Amal

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2 Responses to “We were born and raised in a summer haze, bound by the suprise of our glory days”

Lulz said...

Love the shade of pink you settled on! May I know the name?

Maha & Amal said...

Thank you Lulz! were in love with pink awesome for Breast Cancer month! <3

The nail polish is by Essie & the colour is "need a vacation" ...

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