We are strong. No one can tell us we're wrong. Searchin' our hearts for so long. Both of us knowing, Love is a Battlefield

Once the month of October creeped in, we couldn't help but notice the crowds of pink walking around our beautiful sandbox all to support a beautiful cause. The month where Breast Cancer Charities start campaigning, raising awareness and money for further studies related to the disease, its causes, ways of prevention, diagnoses, treatments & cure.

We definitely can feel the charitable spirit in the air! try and make a change in someones life by donating or even taking part in the events our very own Breast Cancer charity offers here in Bahrain, 'Think Pink' already kicked off the month with a walk in 'Dohat Arad' and it doesn't end there, it promises more events to be held throughout the month, you all can also buy some of their ultra 'chic pink' merchandise. The money you hand them will go into purchasing 'MRI machines' ! every dinar counts beautiful readers!

'Think Pink' events can be found here: "http://www.thinkpinkbahrain.com/events/events.php"

Maha & Amal

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