Oh my darling Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me, twice on the pipe If the answer is no

Blast from the past indeed! We grew up watching alotta girly movies, and to be honest, this was the ultimate "gotta watch 3 times a week" kinda movie. We were obsessed with "Now & Then"!

A movie about four childhood buddies who got together to prepare for the birth of one of their dearest friends. They all started reminiscing about childhood memories & in specific the adventurous summer of 1970.

One thing that caught our eye were the actors, to our 10 year old selves Devon Sawa was a complete heart throb & the girls were they type to seek for fashion advice! -sigh- looking back, guess we were blind. Who was your favorite??! Young Roberta & Teeny was ours <3

Its the kind of chick flick where you Laugh, you gush, you cry and get goose bumps over all in one go!
You lot know where we can find this movie? we still own the tape "imagine that" ?!! We know its 16 years old, but its sooo GOOOOOD!!

Enjoy the weekend Everyone <3

Maha & Amal

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