Mamma mia, here I go again. My my, How can I resist you?

Wedding season is coming "well for us anyways!", watching our friends prepare themselves to tie the knot this month is overwhelming & brings up so much emotions that we try to suck in ...

Anyways, during our lazy hour, we decided to date our couch & cheer ourselves up with good old american humor! .. & since we're attending jolly occasions & running errands with brides, we decided that "Brideamaids" was the purrfect fit. Its about a quirky woman in her mid thirties 'Annie' who's going through a downward spiral in her life, finds herself with a new profound title as a bridesmaid given to her by her best friend along with four other bizarre women!

Weird adventures & funny scenes "okay there was one disgusting scene! bleh" was a cherry on top of our lazy day..

Maha & Amal

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