You won't find faith or hope down a telescope, you won't find heart and soul in the stars

A bag is the ultimate essential for every woman out there "ain't we right?! ", it defines her completely and accentuates her look even better. We wont be caught dead leaving the house with out our bags, it contains every important thing we need to get through our day .. "its full of SECRETS!!! but we guess after this post, not anymooore", here we give you all a glimpse inside: 

What can be found: Wallets, Make-up bags with all the beauty products we need to get through our daily routines, perfume, note pads & a pen, mints, Sunnies & our most prized possesion.. our mobiles! Guess you can tell the differences between us, one of us studies & the other works. Therefore, our priorities differ which can be reflected in the things we carry inside our little haven.     

Happy weekend!

Maha & Amal

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