New York! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There's nothing you can't do cause now you're in New York

Hey fashion lovers! We know we are running a little slow on this one, but better late then never! just in case any of you missed it, so lets start from the very beginning, NEW YORK FASHION WEEK! We were finally able to take up some time and pick few of our favourite and best collections this season from all the runway shows we've seen from NY, its true what they say! New York is where dreams are made of! Here are our picks:


We are definitely gushing over the exquisite creations from this Spring/Summer '12! we spotted a lot of natural and soft pastel colors from sweet lilac pinks to cockatoo greens on the ramp that seduced our closets, not to mention the vibrant tangerines, cabaret and Yale blues that strutted down the runway.

Bold prints were also another hot hit this season, it has been noticed in practically all the designer collections translated within each ones vision. All of the eye catching designs got us drooling for more.

Our jaws dropped once we set our sight on the flirty, outgoing designs architect-ed in perfection, especially when it comes to details. What say you?

Maha & Amal

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