It burns as you stand beside it, Your light is Ultra Violet

The week is over, HELLO WEEKEND! After a hectic week, we can all agree that the only job title we yearn for is "Couch Potato".  The movie 'Angus thongs & Perfect Snogging' would do that title justice & the perfect mood corrector…
After popping a bag of popcorn, curled in our favorite couch, we forgot reality & dug into the life of Georgia. This British movie is hilarious!  it's about a quirky 15 year old teen whose too busy with growing up, snatching the perfect boyfriend & her dream of throwing a never forgetting birthday. Sounds cliche we know, but we promise, it has a lesson at the end! The cheesy schemes, girly thoughts, Georgia's cat & not to mention the British accent is just an added bonus!


Maha & Amal 

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